If you thought United flights were bad, wait until you get a look at the Airplane Graveyard in the capital of Thailand. Tucked away off the busy Ramkhamhaeng Road in Eastern Bangkok are the relics of two Boeing 747s. Each one is the skeletal remains of a machine that used to transport people around the world. At first glance, the lot is nothing more than the remains of planes. Take a closer look and see that it serves a much larger purpose. Here, a look at the Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok.

The planes on the lot in Ramkhamhaeng have been looted: no seats, no paneling, no flooring … no nothing.

The insides of the planes are instead filled with messy ventilation that hangs from the ceilings, abandoned emergency oxygen systems (some decorated with the late King), as well as trash left by previous visitors. It does not sound like an aesthetically pleasing site, but visitors continue to make their way to this neighborhood to get a glimpse of the Airplane Graveyard. It is also known as the Airplane Boneyard.

For some, this site acts as a prime photo shoot spot. For others, it is a roof over their heads; a home when shelter is otherwise nonexistent. Some three families currently reside in the Airplane Graveyard. They live off to the side of the main planes in which visitors explore.

Their home is a large piece of plane that tourists rarely get a glimpse inside of. The families moved into the lot and now use the plane as both a means of shelter as well as a way to make an income.

When visitors arrive, they are greeted by one of the family members: a young boy. He is usually shoeless, his face a bit pouty, and has his arm extended asking for a certain amount of baht. He introduced himself as Pete. Visitors pay about ฿150-200 (US$4.50-6) to enter. The entrance fee has been known to differ for almost every visitor that arrives on the doorsteps of this amazing site.

The private lot is apparently owned a businessman who has been selling off the airplane parts for money over the years. It hardly seems that way, however, between the steady flow of visitors as well as the families that live there.

The planes have resided in the lot since about 2010, though not all of the flight relics made their way here that specific year. Over time, the decrepit pieces started to build up: first, it was two Boeing 747s, with the smaller MD-82 jetliners added to the lot some four years later.

The families that reside here have added their own personal touches to make the planes a bit homier. Curtains hang between different compartments of the planes. Mats have been spread out on the uneven surface to make for makeshift seating areas. There are even a number of animals kept at the lot.

The Airplane Graveyard is located about 30 minutes outside of the city center. Visitors will have to take a taxi to get there. Another interesting way to get to and from this hidden gem of a site is by boat. There is a canal that runs just adjacent the lot.

Address: Airplane Boneyard, Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok, Thailand

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