Korea is some 3,700 kilometres from Bangkok, leaving many of Korean-loving diners hankering for a proper bibimbap (mixed rice) every now and then. There is one Korean fusion restaurant, however, that not only impresses visitors with its dishes but also its retro decor. We are talking about Hopeland. 

The vibe

The vibe of Hopeland is certainly this restaurant’s claim to fame. Every venue in 72 Courtyard has proven to be impressive, but Hopeland is arguably one of the most interesting of them all as it is decked out in one thing very few restaurants have, at least in this decade: arcade games. In addition to the two Neo Geo gaming units on either end of the restaurant, the tables tops in Hopeland double as gaming consoles, with games like Pacman right underneath the glassy surface of your dining arena. Neon bar lighting flushes the venue in a pink hue, giving the innovative Korean restaurant and bar a futuristic feel, regardless of the timeless games right at diners’ fingertips. 

The menu

Sticking with its arcade vibe, the menu is broken up into two different sections. The first is the single player section with meals meant for one person. The other is the multi-players section, with main courses that have a bit more girth and can feed more than one person. I had the tofu and mushroom bibimbap (฿340), with non-vegetarian options also available including spicy pork belly, beef short ribs, chicken, and more. Kit enjoyed the beef brisket bao (฿280) and the spicy miso pork belly ramyun (฿260). To say the dishes were delicious would be an understatement, as each dish’s container was scraped clean by the end of our meal. We were both thoroughly impressed with the Korean dishes at Hopeland. 

The drinks

If you thought the in-table Pacman was entertaining, wait until you get a glimpse of one of Hopeland’s signature drinks. Even the way in which some of the drinks are made is sure to capture diners. For example, the east bay funk drunk (฿360) is set aflame before being served to thirsty customers. We also had the dolphin next door (฿340), a sweet drink made with coconut milk and adorned with a banana made to look like a dolphin. The best part about the drinks? They were strong. 

The service

The staff at Hopeland were both friendly and accommodating. Dishes came out quickly and they even allowed Kit to get behind the scenes to film their kitchen staff prepare our tasty dishes. They were attentive in filling up drinks, providing cutlery, and taking requests as needed. In other words, we have no complaints and are excited to go back soon. 

Our recommendation?

Diners are sure to thoroughly enjoy a night out at Hopeland. The food is great, making it for a nice dinner spot during the week to simply indulge in some wonderful Korean. We suggest, however, venturing here before a night out on the town. The venue is found in one of the most thriving nightlife areas in the capital, and what better way to kick off a night in the City of Angels with a few rounds of Donkey Kong and some Tiki-style alcoholic beverages? 

Address: 72 Courtyard FL 2, 72 Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor Bangkok 10110

Contact: info@hopelandbar.com, +66 02 392 6922

Website: facebook.com/hopelandbar

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  1. Lisa October 10, 2017 at 2:46 am - Reply

    Sounds like a fun place to start an evening out on the town:)

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