It is no mystery that Thailand is a country of songsters (both on and off key). Thai karaoke bars are in abundance no matter where visitors frequent, and though each one is noteworthy in its own way, one impressive karaoke bar is luring in even the shyest of singers to take to the microphone and see what luxury karaoke is all about. This week, we visited Savoy, a music lounge and bar in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The vibe

When people think of Thai karaoke bars, not many visualize luxury. This is the case at Savoy, a punch bar and singing room putting all other dusty and dim karaoke bars to shame. The two-storey venue is somehow able to keep up a relaxed vibe for visitors to soak in while remaining the most sophisticated punch bar in Bangkok. Karaoke rooms can be rented for one hour, three hours, or for an entire night and are accented with large, plush sectionals, a flat-screen television, and a tablet for browsings upwards of 60,000 songs featuring jams in Thai, Japanese, and English. There are four different rooms to choose from, and the rooms hold anywhere from 10-20 people. For those who need to give their vocal chords a rest, there is also a stylish outdoor space and a lounging area and bar on the second floor of the venue.

The menu

Savoy does not have its own menu but fret not, hungry patrons, as the music lounge and bars calls upon its delicious neighbours to bring guests the best of dishes from the different venues found in 72 Courtyard. Lucky Fish, Evil Man Blues, Beer Belly, Touche Hombre, and Toro are the five different restaurants visitors have to choose from when dining at Savoy. Lucky Fish is a Japanese instalment with menu items including Okonomiyaki fries (฿220) and drunken yakisoba (฿280). Evil Man Blues serves up bar favourites that will satisfy even the most ravenous of drunk munchies, with classic western favourites including mac n cheese (฿260). Beer Belly also serves up delectable western and Thai dishes including BBQ pork ribs (฿360) and a spicy calamari salad (฿260). Those hankering for something a bit more exotic may opt for Touche Hombre, a Latin American and Mexican eatery serving up delicious guacamole with corn chips (฿290) at Savoy. Lastly, enjoy the light bites from Toro with a mouthwatering cheese board (฿480) and even churros (฿200) for your selection. We thoroughly enjoyed the wide selection with cuisine hailing from around the world to choose from.

The drinks

With 12 different combinations of punches to choose from, no thirst will go unquenched at this punch bar and singing room. The man behind the delicious combinations is 28-year-old master mixologist ‘Win’ Nawin Pimolrat. His passion for mixology began when he was 19 and he’s been mastering the shaker ever since. Each punch is made under the theme, ‘Savages on a Voyage and the Journey of Punches.’ The idea is that the drinks will take consumers on a journey with their unique blend enticing flavours and concepts. Signature punches include the supernova, a punch based with Absinthe and made colorful with pomegranate pulps, the exotic Bora Bora island made of boiled pineapples with wine and peppers before being infused with cognac for an entire day, and lastly the signature savoy, a secret recipe made from brandy, vermouth, and peach schnapps mixed with fresh pineapple juice, sparkling wine, and club soda. Depending on how buzzed visitors hope to be, the punch bowls range from ฿320-590 per person. Each bowl can satisfy anywhere from 4-12 people. Single serving drinks are also available upon request.

The service

Service is not normally praised for being unattentive, if you will, but this is the case at Savoy. With a few punch bowls in tow and equipped with munchies and a microphone, not all patrons want an overly vigilant staff interrupting their Britney Spears solo. The staff came and took our orders before leaving us alone to sing the evening away. With that being said, we were never without drinks and the food was served both timely and was delicious (and vegetarian-friendly). 

Our recommendation?

Those visitors to Bangkok who have yet to experience Thai karaoke need to beeline for Savoy in 72 Courtyard. In addition to mixing up some creative cocktails and serving up a number of different cuisines for singers to choose from, Savoy had cool décor to compliment it all. Kit and I had a little bit too much fun belting Ariana Grande with one too many punch bowls at our fingertips, and we will definitely be returning to put our vocals (and livers) to work very soon. To get to Savoy, take the BTS Skytrain to the Thonglor station. From there, take exit one and it will be on the right-hand side of Sukhumvit Soi 55.

Address: 72 Courtyard, FL 1, 72 Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor Bangkok 10110

Contact: +66 2 392 7637, info@barsavoy.com

Website: facebook.com/barsavoybkk

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