Mexico might be half a world away from Thailand, but it certainly does not feel so far-flung when indulging in traditional Mexican dishes in downtown Bangkok. Found inside a shipping container in the trendy neighborhood of Thonglor, one restaurant is impressing visitors with its delicious and affordable bites seemingly shipped straight from Central America. We are talking about The Missing Burro in Bangkok, Thailand.

The vibe

Three Mexicans are behind this amazing venue, otherwise known as The Missing Burro. Itzcoatl, his brother Tlahui, and Missing Burro's innovative chef, Tomas only opened the restaurant in June 2016, and it has been a hit in the Mexican cuisine scene in Bangkok ever since. The three opened the restaurant because they wanted people to try the flavours they had grown up with and loved, and they continue to improve the venue and challenge themselves with harder to make dishes along the way.

Though the food and drinks found here are certainly high-quality, this venue lacks that supercilious vibe that Thonglor often loves to encompass. The restaurant is also equipped with an outdoor area that welcomes both kids and pets and is adorned with hanging, twinkling lights which add to the ambiance. The crowds that form here come to try the delicious Mexican cuisine or just want to chill out and admire the stylish outdoor space.

The menu

At The Missing Burro, flavors come first. The quaint eatery strives to accurately and deliciously represent Mexico, its cuisine, and culture in its every aspect. If a dish is even close to resembling a Tex Mex dish, you will not be finding it on this restaurant’s menu. The Mexican trio thoughtfully ruminated and decided which dishes made them the most homesick, thus The Missing Burro’s menu was born.

Each dish is indisputably delicious with roots from their hometowns in Central America. The favorited carnitas (฿290) are always popular amongst visitors and is made with slowly braised pork in organic lard and flavored with hints of beer, orange, onions, lime, herbs, and spices. Avocado is hard to come by in Thailand, so indulging in a bowl of their delicious guacamole (฿180) is definitely a must. The tacos al pastor (฿290) is one of the most authentic of Mexican dishes on the menu: it is made with a delicious mix of chilies, spices, and marinated in pineapple. The special green creamy enchiladas were a filling and flavorful choice, even when lacking chicken as an added ingredient. The dish was a special chef’s creation and is not even found in Mexico. 

Vegetarian options are available, including their quesadillas (฿180/220) which are made with corn to reflect its Mexican roots. Their chilequeso (฿260) is a taqueria dish that the three owners could not get enough of as a kid and is made with grilled green peppers mixed with melted cheese on flour tortillas. Finally, make room for dessert with their pineapple filled chimichanga (฿160). These are just a few of the delicious finds visitors will find on the menu.

The drinks

Good tequila is hard to come by in Bangkok, but The Missing Burro is keen on keeping its bar stocked with the best of tequila in the capital. Sample their amazing tequila in their traditional margarita (฿290) featuring tequila Ocho (aka the good stuff). Diners can also opt for something a bit sweeter and delve mouth first into the horchata (฿90/280 with rum), a drink we slurped until there was absolutely nothing left at the bottom of our glass. 

Michelada (฿200/800 for a jar) is a very Mexican drink, but it is certainly an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it, as it is very spicy and is made with lime, lemon, salt, beer and then, of course, chilies. It is like a mixture of a bloody Mary and beer and made with chamoy (like a pickled plum). In Mexico, children eat this stuff like candy, and it is this that lines the rim of this unique drink. Ordering this Mexican drink was a risk we were willing to take, though it may take a few more of these to acquire the taste.

Those not looking to venture too far off the beaten path with their drinks should sample the Peruvian-inspired pisco sour (฿300), made with pisco, an egg white, and lime. They also have a variety of delicious wines, a wide and enticing collection of tequilas, rum-based drinks all the way from Venezuela, and more. Mexican beers are also found gracing the menu and include the classic Corona (฿240), Day of the Dead (฿220), and Mexicali (฿220).

Our recommendation?

Visitors who have a hankering for authentic Mexican food or a classic margarita need to vamos on over to The Missing Burro. The restaurant is located within a 15-minute walk of the Thonglor BTS Skytrain station, and though it is found in one of the busiest areas in town, it is tucked away off a quiet street and takes visitors and their palates out of the capital, if only for a meal. In addition to the chilled ambiance, the list of delicious dishes seemingly goes on and on and pair well with their cocktails. Each month, The Missing Burro will feature a new dish not found on the menu, so be sure to ask your server what it is before ordering, as well.

Address: 145 Thonglor Soi 7, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand

Contact: 090 913 2131

Website: www.facebook.com/themissingburro, www.themissingburro.com

Hours: Daily from 5-11pm

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