The Top Phrases You Should Know Before Traveling to Thailand

Visiting a country with a few phrases under your belt can make traveling a much more rewarding experience. Not only does knowing a few words keep one from having one too many mishaps throughout their adventure, but it also allows tourists to better interact with the locals who reside there. For those of you visiting the Land of Smiles, here are some phrases you should know before traveling to Thailand.

Introduce yourself with these basic Thai greetings

If visitors are wanting to learn a few conversational words and phrases to help make their trip to Thailand a more memorable one, the following ones are surely the most important to remember. Knowing how to say these simple phrases and ask a few questions will help travellers have a better vacation and get the chance to interact with the locals more during their travels.

Hello — Sawatdii

My name is — Pŏm / Chán chuu

What is your name — Kun chuu arai?

How are you — Sabaaidii mai?

I am fine — Sabaaidii

What is up — Tum arai 

What country are you from — Kun maa jaak bprateet arai

I come from — Pom [male]/Chan [female] maa jaak

I cannot speak Thai — Pood paasaa Thai mai dai

Can you speak English — Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai

Thank you — Khop kun

Sorry — Khot hort

No problem —Mai bpenrai

Goodbye — Bai

See you later — Jergen 


Be able to give basic directions

Getting from Point A to Point B does not have to be a difficult endeavor. Instead, remember these helpful phrases to help you get around, no matter where you are in the country.

To go — Bpai

To come — Maa

Which way — Taangnai

Where about — Tounai

Go straight — Dtrong bpai

Turn left — Leo saai

Turn right — Leo kwaa

Stay left — Chit saai

Stay right — Chit kwaa

Turn around — Glap rote

Stop — Yoot

Here — Teenai

There — Teenaan

Near — Glie-glie

Please drive slowly —Kap

cha cha noi

Do you use the meter — Chai meter mai

Traffic jam —Rotdtit

Know the types of transportation

Luckily for visitors to Thailand, there are plenty of forms of transportation one can utilize to travel around the country. Below are the most popular ones that you should know.

Train — Rotfai

BTS Skytrain — Rotfaifaa

MRT Subway — Rotfai dtaaidin

Bus — Rotmee

Minibus — Rote-dtoo

Car — Rote

Motorbike — Motorsie

Airplane — Kruang bin

Boat — Rua

Bicycle — Jakgrayaan

Be able to order different food

Thailand is renowned for its delicious cuisine, and visitors can spend weeks in the country and not indulge in the same meal twice! Here are the top Thai dishes and phrases that will help you dine in the country like a king.

Seafood — Ahan talay

Pig — Moo

Chicken — Gai

Shrimp — Goong

Crab — Poo

Fish — Blah

Squid — Blahmook

Meatball — Lookchin

Plain rice — Kaao bplaao

Fried egg — Kai daao

Spicy — Pet

Salty — Kem

Sour — Bpriao

Pork sticks — moo bping

Fish cakes — toot man blah 

Crab with curry rice — Bpuu pat ponggarii

Omelette — Kai Jiao

Curry — Gaeng

Pad Thai — Pad Thai

Noodle soup — Guay teow

Morning glory — Pak boong

Curry noodles soup — Khao soi

Mixed vegetables— Pad phak

Spicy meat salad — Laab

Basil stir-fry chicken — Pad kra pao

Learn the colorful fruits of Thailand

Thailand is home to some of the most delicious and affordable fruit in the world. Entire bags of fruit can be purchased for as little as ฿10 (approximately $US.30), and it is found on many of streets across the country. Be sure to purchase any one of these to enjoy a refreshing and healthy snack while visiting Thailand.

Fruit — Ponlamai

Pineapple — Sapbarot

Mango — Ma muang

Banana — Gluai

Watermelon — Dteengmoo

Orange — Som

Guava — Farang

Dragon fruit — Geomangon

Durian — Turian

Mangosteen — Mangkoot

Know how to ask questions

During your time in Thailand, you will probably be asking a lot of questions, or at least want to. From figuring out when the next train leaves to asking a local where the best street vendor in town are, here are some helpful question words to help you better navigate the country.

Who — Cry

What — Arai

When — Muarai

Where — Teenai

Why — Tummai

Thai phrases for a night out

Thailand is equipped with some of the best nightlife in the world. Here are some of the most helpful phrases that will allow visitors to make the most of their evening out. 

I want to be drunk – Kaw bpen mow

Would you like a drink – Ja deum arai mai

I am drunk – Bpen mow

Are you single – Bpen sode mai

I am single – Bpen sode

I have a boyfriend/girlfriend – Mee fan 

Cheers – Choke dee

I want to go home – Kaw glap baan

Let us get a taxi – Dorng gahn rot taxi

Does the taxi have a meter – Taxi mee meter mai

Learn to count in Thai

Visiting the markets in Thailand are certainly a highlight for many traveling to the country, and one way to ensure tourists are getting the best deals for what it is they want to purchase is by knowing how to say numbers in Thai. 

0 — Soon

1 — Nung

2 — Song

3 — Saam

4 — See

5 — Haa

6 — Hok

7 — Jet

8 — Bpad

9 — Gao

10 — Sip

11 — Sip-et

12 — Sip song

13 — Sip saam

14 — Sip see

15 — Sip haa

16 — Sip hok

17 — Sip jet

18 — Sip bpad

19 — Sip gao

20 — Yee sip

21 — Yee sip-et

30 — Saam sip

40— See sip

50 — Haa sip

60 — Hok sip

70 — Jet sip

80 — Bpad sip

90 — Gaao sip

100 — Noong roi

500 — Haa rooi

1,000 — Nung pan

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