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Our mission is to bring travellers amazing content from around the world that will inspire them to pack their bags and follow suit.

Decorated Passport is a new online travel platform from videographer Kit Dale and writer Kelly Iverson. The two met in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand and were inspired to pair up with the goal of bringing hopeful travelers stories that will ignite their inner wanderlust. From the most luxurious of destinations to the slums of Bangkok, the duo offers a fresh and professional perspective on all things travel. Journey with them as they start their adventure together in their current home of Bangkok and slowly but surely cover all of Southeast Asia. All of their stories are told through intelligent writing and stunning, cinematic video, making you feel as though are you with them as they travel the world. They only hope that you soon follow suit so that you can join them and decorate your passport, together.


Kit and Kelly know a thing or two about documenting their travels. Both have worked professionally for countless travel platforms before deciding to create their own.

Kit Dale

 Co-Founder, Filmmaker, and Photographer

Kit knew he needed to work behind the camera since the age of 16 when he was more excited about his first camera than his first car. He went on to graduate with a degree in video and new media in England as well as studying at the renowned New York Film Academy. Since then, he has freelanced as a filmmaker and photographer in his hometown of London before making the move to Bangkok.

Kelly Iverson

 Co-Founder, Writer, and Photographer

Kelly bid farewell to her suburban roots in Kansas to move to Bangkok in 2015. With a degree in journalism and mass communications from Kansas State University, she is adept at writing and telling stories. Her love for travel began when she studied international journalism in Limerick, Ireland, and she has been telling stories about her adventures ever since.


Quality content to guide your trip is key to having the most exciting (and least chaotic) adventure while traveling. That is where Decorated Passport comes in.